Mahatmatung MiXes 

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Vinyl record mixes for my faithful customers on Discogs. Price for one mix: 180 SEK, including standard shipping. If you would like to buy: Just mail the order to, saying: "I would like to buy MiX x (where x stands for the number of the mix/mixes) and I would like it sent to my adress after payment" Then use PayPal to pay for the order as a friend. I will after payment promptly send the ordered mix/mixes to the adress you have given me. 

(Should you like to have traceable shipping we have to discuss price for that - normally these mixes will be sent by standard shipping) Grading of the records is always AT LEAST VG on covers as well as records, and the value on Discogs is always at least 300 SEK

MiX 3

Coming soon...

MiX 4

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